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                     "MAGIC HOOP"


As industry developed, more and more people have gravitated to the cities, which imposed shortage of exercise on people. However with the development of econo mic conditions, people have come to aspire to improve the quality of their lives.
They are concerned about their health because it is the most important factor in the quality of everyday life. Despite the high cost of attending sports centers, ther e is a general tendency to spend much money and time on not-much- effective- but- expensive exercises, such as swimming, aerobics, squash.
Thereupon, our company observed that, among sporting goods, the hula-hoop is not financially burdening compared with other sporting goods, and is also excellent for health.
Our company improved this regular, conventional hula-hoop, developing it into the Magic Hoop, which has Chinese medicinal acu-pressure protrusions, or balls inside the hoop. It also can be easily dissembled into seven parts and carried comfortably when you go outing.
Through our endless researches, we have enhanced the usefulness of the conventional hula-hoop. As a result, we are confident that our Magic Hoop will sweep the world market and give people all over the world the happiest and easiest exercise

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1. Constitution of Magic Hoop
Magic Hoop" is composed of regular hula-hoop with the addition of protrusions on the inner part of the hoop, and 49 protrusions of the hoop have a therapeutic magic-finger effect when you use it. magic Hoop is a new health-improving exercise instrument which combines the regular hula-hoop with acu-pressure-magic- finger protrusions. The protrusions are of diverse shape and form, which will help get your body into shape and contribute greatly to your health.

(1) Exercise and body shaping..
magic Hoop is ideal for people who care about their physique and try to beautify their body because the protrusions of Magic hoop effectively stimulate your belly and waist. It weighs about two times more than the existing hula-hoop and its diameter is also longer by 5-10 cm. Therefore it gives higher exercise effect by 2.5 to 3 times than the conventional hula-hoop. So, users of the Magic hoop can spend much more calories than those of the regular hula-hoop, which means the loss of extra unnecessary fat of your body.
Whenever you want, you can exercise with easy but effective Magic hoop (the exercise effect by hula hoop : in proportion to its square diameter and in direct proportion to its weight)

(2) Therapeutic effect.
The therapeutic magic-finger balls with germanium-processed rubber exert excellent effect of treatment for lumbago. The therapeutic effect is also beneficial to healthy people.
When you use Magic hoop, you would feel as if you were being massaged by human fingers. It gives you 49 acu-pressure-magic-finger massages per one revolution.

A revolution is equal to 49 acu-pressure-magic-finger massages.
10 revolution means 490 massages.
If you use
Magic Hoop for just 10 minutes, it amounts to
about 55,000 acu-pressure therapeutic massages

*These points were experimented and proved by the medical specialists in KOREA.

(3) Easy spin.
The conventional hula-hoop slips down very easily. Any one who has much
experience with the hula-hoop spins the hoops very well, but inexperienced people
don't, so, they have to repeatedly restart after the hoop slips down and soon lose
interest in it. But, the Magic Hoop doesn't slip down easily, because of the many
protrusions. (If you want to play with
Magic Hoop, you don't need to care
about your age or your sex, that is, everybody can enjoy "Magic Hoop".)
When the many protrusions glide around your waist, the feeling is fantastic.
This is good for people unaccustomed to the hula-hoop.

(4) Marketing.
The protrusions will be produced with many kinds of characters in it, such as
Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Teddy bear Poo and etc. These character products
are popular with teens and people in their twenties these days. For example, Kitty,
a character created in Japan became so popular, that character goods came to be
in great demand. The Japanese, from the childhood to their twenties, want to buy
every kinds of Kitty character products. Besides, many overweight people will be
happy to exercise with the "Magic hoop" because of its slimming effect.

2. Packin

Compared with the usual big hoop which is difficult to carry around, "Magic
hoop" can be divided into 7 parts so that it can be packed in a fashionable sack
and carried easily when you travel.
* You can adjust the size of "Magic hoop" by adding, or taking out divided nodes.
? nodes are standard form.
? nodes - 1 node = small
Magic Hoop" (FOR CHILDREN)
? nodes + 1 node = big

3. Further information.

(1) "Magic hoop" is exported to the entire world.
(2) The right of patent of "Magic Hoop" is in process now over 30 countries over
the world including United-States and Japan.
(3) "Magic hoop" is the product that the KIA (Korea Invention Advancement)
recommends for the people.

Less expensive
but more effective

Convenient to carry
and fun Economic



Magic Hoop


Medical and Scientific

First in the world;
protrusions on the inner part of regular hula-hoop

Prevent and treat pot belly, lumbago, backaches, and constipation

4. Planned up-grades.

(1) Photo-sensitive protrusions : the protrusions change their colors according to the amount of sunlight.
(2) Attaching the counter : so as to display amount of exercise done.

Finger-pressure and massage effects
49 projections, or protrusions attached inside of the Magic hoop stimulate the spots and the vessels on the body. You can experience the acu - finger - pressure effects 49 times in one hoop turning, namely, 490 in ten turnings and about 55,000 times in ten minutes. And the germanium attached inside in these projections particularly help promote the blood circulation of your body during its use.

Prevention of lumbago and therapy effects
The finger-pressure effects during ten minutes enforce the movement of intestines and help treat your constipation. And it gives you the remarkable effectiveness in preventing lumbago and its treatment.

Esthetic effects
The appropriate stimulus to the abdomen decomposes the body fats and you can keep a trim and nice figure. (good shape with only 10 minute use daily)

Convenient and easy use
You, women and men in every age, can use our Magic hoop with ease, which does not slide down because it is equipped with the projectionx inside of hula hoop, conceived the first time in the world. It can be divided into 7 parts which are very convenient to carry.

High exercise effects
It weighs two times more than the existing one and its diameter is also longer by 5-10 cm. Therefore, it gives higher exercise effects by 2.5 to 3 times than the existing conventional hoop.
(The exercise effect by Magic hoop is in proportion to its square diameter and in direct proportion to its weight)

Assembling method
1. Link 7 parts each other, lock the each cam by turning and form a circle.
2. Attach the germanium rubber on the upper part of each protrusion.
3. Insert 49 protrusions in the hoop body in the relevant holes.

It is very important to follow the above-mentioned assembling method.

The standard size of "MAGIC HOOP"

Length of circle : 3014mm
Diameter of circle : 960mm
Total No. of node : 7 EA
The length of each section : 400
The number of protrusions on each section : 7












Planned up-grades

  1. Photo-sensitive protrusions : the protrusions change their colors according to the amount of sunlight.
  2. Attaching the counter : so as to display amount of exercise done.


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